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ab Initio Unit: Educación

This unit is perfect for making connections to the rest of the themes in your ab Initio course.
For example, we can talk or connect education and sports, global issues, time, geography, physical descriptions, character, nationalities, etc.

We learn about education in Spanish through a Power Point. This is our main document with links to activities, questions, visuals, etc.
It is advisable to start introducing, at least, some vocabulary related to the unit, for that, you can use the flashcards below:



La escuela [pdf]
¿Qué hora es? [interactive online]
- ¿A qué hora es? [interactive online]
Individual Oral resources for Educación [web]


emember that for learning to happen we need attention, we need your attention. In order to boost up your attention you might want to connect any topic you are studying to personal experiences, beliefs, find practical applications, share it with your family, talk with your friends about what you are currently learning, find a buddy that can explain what you don't understand, etc.

Education is a journey not a race

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