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Using Google: Expresiones con tener

Click on the link below or use the image and pay attention to the sequence:

You have three things to do:
1 Look for the mistakes in the bubbles.
2 Write examples for each bubble to show your understanding of the expression.
3 Send an email to your teacher with your examples.

Expresiones con tener

!Me encanta cuidar el medio ambiente!

Recuerda esta pregunta: ¿Cómo puedo modificar mi entorno para crear un mundo mejor?

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Stem changing verbs

It is great when you start learning Spanish and you see that all verbs follow the rule... just take away the ending and replace it for the new ones. But we all know that life is not that easy, sometimes out there are always some guys that don't strictly follow the rules, and we are not talking about the rebels (irregular verbs) we are talking about stem changing verbs, they follow some other rules. 
Visuals are great resources to memorize important information and in this particular case we find it really helpful because you can see in just one picture the whole procedure.

If you like learning Spanish with songs this is a modern Spanish song from a Spanish band [Amparanoia] with activities to practice and learn stem changing verbs.

A fun activity we do in class is doing the process backwards, we see this visual and students deduce what to do from experience, then they put their theories in practice, check if it works and finally write their conclusions down in their notebooks.
- show your students the visual to deduce the rules
- give them 2 minutes to talk with their partners/teams/groups about it
- let them share out with the class what they think they found out
- check if their theories are correct
- allow them to write down the process and a conclusion [if they have a journal or diary for the class, it would be the perfect place to do this]


If you are one of my students don't forget to click on "Enviar" to send your funwork.

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Using Google forms to practice conjugations in Spanish

The time is now. We are going paperless in our Spanish class, inspired by our eco-units and the eco-school organization we try to use less and less paper in our class as we can. This is a personal and professional challenge that I feel ready to accept and my students seem to be ok with it too.

Remember: 15 trees are needed to make 1 ton of paper.





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