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Learn Spanish with the version of your favorite song

Back with music to learn Spanish, a former student (gracias Tina) passed me this youtube channels with Spanish versions of pop hits. We, teachers, are always talking about adapting the content to our students motivations... This is a great opportunity for that.
Also, the bands are very talented and not just singing but editing the videos as well.
These channels are, definitely, worth a try.

You can do any activitiy song-related with these, although take into account that all are high level language songs. We can try these channels with our Spanish B classes, ab Initio students could just listen for fun if they like the songs and make it optional. Make them compulsory for your class could bring down the moral of your students. 

- One of these songs can be the perfect fit for one of your three Interactive Oral activities [10% of your final score] that you have to do in your Spanish B as part of your Internal Assessment. After listening to it, you can do a:
  - group discussion/debate about the topic of the song [remember this   assessment is based on the core]
  - role-play based on the topic distributing your students in pairs.
  - anything that involves oral interaction is valid

- You can use edpuzzle.com and personalize your activity [believe me, if you don't know this site, it's amazing]

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