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Distance learning

This post is just a compilation of good resources to be utilized on a distance learning environment. I personally think that we, language teachers, have been using most of these resources for quite a while now but it is always a good opportunity to re-think and re-share what we use for our classes. 
On the presentation below you'll find a brief description of the website, what can you use it for and a link to the site.

A potential problem I personally find with all these resources is the amount of screen time we are exposing our students to. Some solutions for that could be to incorporate more real world assignments or having our students to do their tasks in their notebooks and take a screenshot to share it with us. If you are concerned about this too and have an idea share it in the comments.

Some entries that could be of interest:

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  1. Hola Antonio! Seguramente estaré haciendo algo mal, pero no puedo abrir/ver la presentación. Me sale un mensaje de error (server IP address cannot be found). Muchas gracias por tu trabajo!

    1. Hola Inma ;) Creo que a veces esos problemas están relacionados con el Flahs Player, pero tampoco me hagas demasiado caso. ¿Puedes verla ya?






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