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Spanish B Paper 1 Resources

*updated to first exams 2020
In the Spanish B course the paper 1 is a writing exam based on the five themes [25% of their final score]. The exam consists of five different prompts with questions to measure student's understanding.

The documents you will find here are based on the IB format and can work as past papers to review with your students or even as mock exams. The documents state the assessment objective at the top of the page and five different writing prompts based on the five options: 

For the real exam the student will have to choose just one writing prompt, write between 250 and 400 words, they will have 90 minutes to complete the task without access to any external resources.

 Paper 1 Resources

You might be interested also in checking our units and rubrics; full of resources, activities... always IB-centered.
This work has not been developed or endorsed by the IBO in any way. These resources has been independently developed based on their guides and courses.

So, feel free to use it, and at the same time don't forget to mention your source, thanks. Everything you can find on this site is under 

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