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Mi cuaderno de lectura [Como agua para chocolate] Nivel Superior

Gracias a la fantástica Fátima Dif incorporamos nuevos materiales para el curso de Nivel Superior. En este caso, nos trae un cuaderno de lectura para la novela Como agua para chocolate, la novela escrita por Laura Esquivel en 1989 y que está incluida entre las 100 mejores novelas del siglo XX.

Si estás interesada/o en trabajar estos materiales, lee con atención las instrucciones que se proporcionan y descárgate el cuaderno de lectura en pdf. Recuerda que el trabajo no termina al leer la novela, lee los comentarios de tu profe y presta atención a las acciones recomendadas para mejorar. Una buena estrategia puede ser idea un plan de acción con fechas concretas para poder medir tu progreso.

El cuaderno de lectura consta de:

  • 10 páginas con preguntas que te ayudarán a guiar tu lectura y comprender y extraer conclusiones de una manera más ordenada y acertada sobre la novela.
  • Anexo 1: Una tarea creativa para seguir consolidando conocimientos después de la lectura de la novela.
  • Anexo 2: Un planificador para realizar tu trabajo escrito


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ab Initio Unit: Rutina diaria

Daily Routines is a difficult topic at early stages because of reflexive verbs, sometimes our students struggle with the concept of what reflexive means. So that is something to pay a lot of attention to when teaching this unit.

Daily routines is perfect for making connections to the rest of the themes in your ab Initio course.
For example, we can talk or connect education and sports, global issues, time, etc.

But at first, get on learning your words for the unit with Quizlet:

Visual activities [already in the presentation]:

Education is a journey not a race

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ab Initio Unit: Vacaciones

This is a perfect unit to work on your Individual Oral and your Paper 2. Precisely, a diary and a postcard are two text types that are naturally connected to this topic.

Holidays are linked to joy, entertainment, family, friends, geography, transports, etc. 
Don't miss out on the opportunity of making connections to your other units.

It is also a good chance to work on past and future tenses or to talk about your dreamed vacation and use the conditional.

Actividades en línea

Expresar deseo

More resources:

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ab Initio Unit: El tiempo atmósferico

The weather fits into many categories, but being in ab Initio it ties to oral skills as it is a common question that may come up during the oral exam. It also connects naturally to environment, climate change, global warming, etc.

This is a express-unit, it must be something quick in your class, nothing you spend too much time on. You can always go back during another lesson and re-practice, re-teach a particular aspect if you identify that need in your class.

The unit is based in interaction, first students are exposed to some important vocabulary, after that comes a presentation with key questions that may arise in a conversation and provides students with opportunities to practice those communicative situations. The unit ends with a video on weather in Spanish. The assessment I do in this unit is an interactive conversation about weather related to environmental problems, geography (what's the weather like in ... ?), time (seasons), cities, etc.

Please, note that the Audio Recorder just works in Mozilla Firefox ;)
You can download it here.

More Resources:

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ab Initio Unit: La ciudad y sus servicios

This unit on cities is the perfect fit to start talking about directions, orientation, comparisons or descriptions. The Presentation below focus on Critical Thinking, Visual Thinking and is Inquiry based. The students will be guided through questions to understanding of concepts, ideas, vocabulary, brief projects, etc.

In ab Initio this is a great opportunity for practicing the Individual Oral and your Paper 2 / Written Assignment, your writing skills. The students might gather some good ideas for their Written Assignment too, as there is an important cultural component related to cities in different parts of the world.

If you have any idea(s) on improvements, changes, additions, etc for this unit, please let me know. I am always more than happy to revisit resources and update them.

Ahora relaciona estas palabras con el entorno urbano o rural

Por último, practica tu expresión escrita, selecciona uno de los tres temas que te proponemos y escribe al menos 150 palabras.





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