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ab Initio unit: Transporte

This unit about transports is inherently linked to Vacations, Technology & Environment but it is easy to connect with Daily routines as well.

Transportation is a perfect interdisciplinary topic that can be easily come up in conversations, texts or any other activities. So, to spend time on this always pays off to your students and their scores. Try to revisit these concepts when you are teaching other units that allow you to talk about this. Remember that re-utilizing something is a great way of helping your brain to recall information.

Presentation / Content

Oral activity

Teachers should guide without dictating
and participate without dominating

C. B. Neblette
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Mr Luna is absent

Las personas que eligen=escogen=seleccionan sus decisiones son más independientes y autónomas.

Choose any one of the following activities to complete. They must be turned in by the end of class. Keep in mind that this choice board is used for all levels of Spanish – you have the same guidelines, but my expectations for the product you produce are much different.  If you’re in IB, don’t turn in something that a student in Spanish 1 could produce.  And if you’re in Spanish 1, don’t turn in something you could have done during the first week of school.

Crossword puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle with 15 vocabulary words from the current unit. Clues must be in complete sentences in Spanish. Include both the finished puzzle and an answer key.

Write and illustrate a 6-10 panel comic strip using at least seven current vocabulary words and three examples of the current topic. Highlight the vocabulary and grammar examples.
Flexible task

Grab your computer and visit this link. Choose one task from here and attach it to an email to your teacher.

Choose a familiar tune and make a song based on your current grammar or vocabulary topic. Be prepared to either sing your song OR have someone else sing it to the class.

Create a set of picture flashcards for at least 20 vocabulary words from your current unit. Write the vocabulary word on one side and draw an illustration of it in the other side. You may use notebook paper or make them on your computer.

Come up with 15-20 questions based on the current vocabulary, grammar and/or cultural unit. Use the questions for your game board, include an answer key.

Play Scrabble with 2-4 of your classmates using the set we have in class. Make sure you use words from the current vocabulary unit. If you don't know the rules for this game, flip the board over.
Write down a paragraph telling your teacher what have you learnt.

Create a survey based on your current unit. Interview at least half of the class and take notes on their responses. Then create a graph to summarize your classmates' answers to each question.

Write an entry in your journal reflecting upon your current unit, an activity, a particular assignment, etc. what could you do better, what could be improved and make a personal connection. Use He + participio to express your ideas.

Sign up clicking here and create a Kahoot based on your current unit/topic. Share it with your teacher and enjoy while the class is playing and you know all the answers ;)
Pen pal

Write an email to a Spanish pen pal. Use more than 10 words from the current unit and 3 examples of the current grammar topic. Highlight vocabulary and grammar examples.

Write ten questions using vocabulary words from the current unit. Interview two classmates and write down their answers. Please, write in complete sentences.

Write a letter. Imagine you are writing to an Internet Manager from a company of your choice. You get tons of Spam and you want to complaint because of this.
  • Greet him/her and explain your problem
  • Express what do you would like to happen and why

With a partner create a dialogue based on your current unit. Write at least ten lines per person.
Remember to be accurate with punctuation. For instance, in Spanish we use two question marks: ¿ ... ?
Word search
Create a word search with 10-20 vocabulary words from the current unit. Clues must be in complete sentences in Spanish or visuals. Include both the finished word search and an answer key


This choice board is just my own, but you can find multiple types and different content-based on the Internet.

If you like this idea, you may check this post about Flexible tasks / homework as well.

Share your knowledge. It is a way go achieve immortality

Dalai Lama

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Bellwork is just an activity that students complete as they walk into the class before the bell rings for the lesson. 

That's the definition, but we don't need to be that strict when doing bellwork in our classes. Actually, there are activities in this bellwork presentation that will last 10 minutes, that will have a different impact in your instruction time depending on how long your classes are or any other factors. 

Anyways, the idea behind our bellwork activities is that our students are engaged as soon as they walked into your classroom and (hopefully;) focused on the subject. 

Different light: use these activities as an exit ticket from your class, or as flexible homework, or as enrichment, sub-plans, or ... 

It is impossible for a man to learn
what he thinks he already knows

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El Condicional

The Conditional tense must be introduced to students in early stages, the CEFR places it in the A1,A2 level, that is an emergent communicator phase or beginners level. The expression possibilities that we are opening up for our students are very interesting. 

The theory is not really difficult is just adding endings to the infinitive and if you work with patterns or chunks it can be combined at early stages with some really difficult tenses such as subjunctive, as we do for instance in the Twitter activity in the presentation.

Education is no substitute for intelligence
Frank Herbert





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