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Learn Spanish Online: Centro Virtual Cervantes

This is the website of the Official Organization for the Spanish Language. Cervantes is a company that has presence in 43 countries all around the world.

This might be one of your most visited sites if you have any interest in learning Spanish. The site is full of activities, workshops and online courses to learn and improve your Spanish. If you are studying Spanish as your second language the forums could be a great option for you to get to know more about a particular topic, grammar or history of the language. They have lots of interesting discussions to read and to participate in the forums would be a great idea to improve on your Spanish.For advanced students they have a section focused on Literatura where you can find Biographies of important Hispanic writers or if you are interested in Cervantes as a historic figure or as a writer you might want to visit Cervantistas which is an organization specialized in Miguel de Cervantes and his Don Quixote
It would be impossible to sum up everything they offer for you as a learner of the Spanish language so better take a walk on the Spanish side: http://cvc.cervantes.es/

To stay positive: do not be afraid to laugh at yourself especially when you make mistakes. Remember people make mistakes... and YES! We are people!


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Free textbooks in Spanish: Anaya

These are free text books Anaya has online for a sneak peek. Although it's not the full version, we still can learn a lot from it. We can access 3 Units or 63 pages, which is a lot.
The advantage is that consist of a real textbook that kids use in Spain, so what we are doing is using a native speaker book for learning Spanish language (basic level, though).
The most incredible thing is that they have incorporated audios within units, related to specific content. So, don't miss the opportunity to improve on your listening skills!

It doesn't matter which level of Spanish you are in, I would recommend to just click on it and play for a bit. 
Try some audios, read some "Técnicas de trabajo" and let me know what you think!

Their website with full catalogs on books is:


Remember to stay positive, open-minded and happy help you learn, and also work in your real life!





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