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Comparar en español - nivel A

These are the three basic skills a student has to master to score highly in our IB courses:

- Describir
- Comparar
- Reflexionar

This first Presentation is for A1 students or people that is going to have their first meeting with comparisons in Spanish:
After that

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Listening Comprehension - Rutina diaria - El lorito Pedrito

Imagen relacionadaThe listening component has definitely gained presence in our IB classes with the inclusion as an important piece of our assessments. This activity can be used as in-class work or as a flipped classroom tool. I've tried both approaches with good results, probably, my students like it better when assigned as outside of class work.

This activity is based on Daily Routines vocabulary and structures and help students refine their knowledge on this unit.

After finishing this activity you can do multiple follow-up activities, such as:

  • Writing: Describe and sequence the daily routine of the lorito Pedrito paying attention to time connectors/sequencers 
  • Speaking: Talk about how his day look like with a partner and compare it with your daily routine

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