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Appetizers: Sudoku de verbos

Revisiting the idea of Appetizers, quick, interesting activities to start off your class, this week we are looking at incorporating this traditional Japanese game. The adaptation is simple, switching numbers for verb conjugations.

If you want to know my students experience. Just by asking around I thought that some of them love this and others hate it. Hence, so far I was not clear on whether this activity is one of the best to start classes with or not, but just exposing students to it and paying attention to their feedback is enough to get to know if it is going to be productive with that class or not. Remember that flexibility is important as well as listening to your students to build up a positive and productive class environment.
Forms response chart. Question title: 1.- Do you enjoy playing Sudoku in your Spanish class?. Number of responses: 42 responses.Please, let me hear how does it go in your class ;)

Then, I thought I would just pass a google form to collect some feedback and the results surprised me, 83,3% enjoyed practicing and it turns out it's their favorite activity to start the class

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  1. I feel like I struck gold with finding the website. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I am a first year teacher with no curriculum to go off of and this helps so much. I feel like the activities that I have created so far are not as elaborate and thought out but will share what I can. This will for sure be happening this summer when I can plan a little more! Thank you again!






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