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Bellwork is just an activity that students complete as they walk into the class before the bell rings for the lesson. 

That's the definition, but we don't need to be that strict when doing bellwork in our classes. Actually, there are activities in this bellwork presentation that will last 10 minutes, that will have a different impact in your instruction time depending on how long your classes are or any other factors. 

Anyways, the idea behind our bellwork activities is that our students are engaged as soon as they walked into your classroom and (hopefully;) focused on the subject. 

Different light: use these activities as an exit ticket from your class, or as flexible homework, or as enrichment, sub-plans, or ... 

It is impossible for a man to learn
what he thinks he already knows


6 comentarios:

  1. WOW! Thank you SO much! I have been looking for a fun way to do warm ups in Spanish!

  2. Thanks cvs! Let me know how it goes in your class ;)

  3. Luna, eres un artista.
    Muchas gracias por compartir, que es saber vivir.

  4. Gracias Panjabi, es un honor recibir comentarios de una auténtica Kaur.

  5. Soy nueva en el mundo de IB y siento que he ganado la lotería! Mil gracias por hacer todo este trabajo y por compartirlo con el mundo. Te mando miles de abrazos.






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