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IB Spanish text types: Blog

Changing our perspective on what we have known is essential to approach this type of text: the blog. What is it? It can be said it is a digital text. What again, what "digital text" really means?  
It means that the format is digital, is telling us where can we find these texts. The digital world is too new for us yet, and this is what is giving us trouble categorizing a blog. Let's step into a quick activity to find out what a blog really is.

Instructions: Base your answer on the table above. What type of text would you say a blog is?
Use the table above to answer this question. Provide at least two evidences to support your answer.

 What type of text is a blog?






After completing this activity you should have realized that blogs step in some different types of texts. So, what's the next question? 
What makes a text a blog?

In a telegraphic way, if you are writing a blog, don't forget to include:
• Date, time and username
• Title
• Use the first person when writing (yo)
• Awareness of your audience (make it easy, make it direct, start with a paragraph mentioning your audience)

• Register (usually informal, but pay attention to the specific instructions of the task)

As you probably have noticed we are modeling in this post how to guide our students through this tough concept to gain this knowledge by themselves.
At this point, if you want to share the main characteristics or some interesting thoughts on blogs you can use this summary.
Don't forget to link this knowledge with their writing paper and the rubrics they have to use. To make sure you don't miss anything, check out the related posts underneath.

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Expand your boundaries:
Develop a passion for learning.
If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Anthony J. D'Angelo

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