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Spanish B

From this page you can access all resources needed to teach your IB Spanish B course. The organization is based on the Subject Guide for Language B.

Paper 1
90 minutes

Based on the core
25 %
Paper 2
90 minutes
Based on the options
Written assignment
Home-work [Y2]
Based on the core

Internal assessment
In-class work [Y2]
Individual Oral
Based on the options
Interactive Oral 
Based on the core
Global Issues, Communication, Social relationships
Health, Science & Technology, Cultural Diversity, Customs & Traditions, Leisure

You might also be interested in checking our units and rubrics; full of resources ready to go, activities... always IB-centered.

This work has not been developed or endorsed by the IBO in any way. These resources has been independently developed based on their guides and courses.
Everything you can find on this site is under 
So, feel free to use it, and at the same time don't forget to mention your source, please.

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