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False friends in Spanish (II)

False friends are pairs of words in two languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning. 
They are like people you thought they were your real friends and when you needed them they weren't there for you. We don't like them!
When learning languages you have to go through this process as well, like in your real life. You have to be able to identify your real friends from your false friends ;)
You don't want to make embarrassing (embarazada it actually means pregnant in Spanish) comments... so, take a look to them from time to time and don't let you be misunderstood.
Get ready for next stage, practice a little bit with the following sentences:


 ¡Qué casualidad! Estábamos hablando de ti, déjame que te

a Lidia.



 Mi hermana es una persona muy



 Siempre he

 al Málaga, no soy ningún chaquetero.



 El nuevo proyecto de la clase de español consiste en

 una canción de Enrique Iglesias.


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How to score highly: Latinismos

If you are looking at acquiring a higher level in a foreign/second language and or if you want your students to score highly in a test this is a great source to increase their language performance in a higher level.
A latinismo is a word from Latin used in another language (Spanish, English, French...) It seems that these words are old and not use in today's language but if you take a closer look into modern languages you'll find them all over the place de facto.
Among other things we don't want our students to miss how to write a latinismo. The rule is pretty straight, they must be written in italic (cursiva)
Along with this post I've prepared a few documents to help our students internalize and acquire these terms, you are more than welcome to use them and also remember that possibilities are endless and the best you can do for your students is adapting your materials to their needs. Make your class special personalizing your resources.


He who laughs most, learns best.
John Cleese





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