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IB Profile in Spanish: Informados e instruidos

Another masterpiece from my students, thanks Amelia and Guillermo!
In this case my students explored the concept Knowledgeable in Spanish through four main activities:
  1. Making a poster that represents the concept
  2. Find a celebrity that models this attribute with her/his behaviour, way of living...
  3. Define the attribute with their own words, so they can internalize the meaning of it and incorporate it to their vocabulary range.
  4. Find an example in class, somebody that represents this concept.
As always, they excelled beyond my expectations and the result is this great poster that now you can benefit from to learn in your class.

Activity/Idea to work the IB Profile in your class:

  • Sequence:
  1. Break the concept down into ideas
  2. Give examples using patterns.
1. Break the concept down into ideas and have your ideas in different lines [to differentiate them visually] like this:
Ser una persona informada e instruida es:
- explorar conceptos
- explorar ideas
- interesarse por las noticias locales y mundiales
- adquirir conocimientos
- profundizar en el conocimiento
- conocer muchas disciplinas/asignaturas

2. Giving patterns to your students to give examples:
  1. [Nombre del estudiante] es informado/instruido porque __[idea]________
  2. [Nombre del alumno] es una persona informada/instruida. Lo demuestra + [verbo en gerundio -ando - iendo] ___[idea]_____
Adding more ideas:
  1. [idea] y [idea]
  2. [idea] también [idea]
Arjun es una persona informada porque explora nuevas ideas y profundiza en el conocimiento en varias disciplinas. 

Thanks again to Amelia and Guillermo ;)

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