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A cool tool to improve your reading comprehension and pronunciation: Announcify

Hi there!
Google is a box full of surprises. They never let you down. I just discover this new app for Chrome or Android. The concept is so simple, it reads out loud websites. There are several languages available and Spanish is one of them! Nice!
To be honest I have to say that intonation and rhythm are not that authentic but it really helps beginners to listen the target language at home or somewhere else using their phones. The only accent available in Spanish is castilian...still waiting for more variety! 
It reads out loud SMS, MMS, Gmail, and much Google apps like Twidroyd or Plume.
The way the app displays the text highlighting the piece it reading is very educational and intuitive.

Follow directions for installation procedure:
  1. Add Announcify to your browser (Chrome)
  2. Change your settings. Select Spanish.
  3. Go to a website written in Spanish and click on the little bird (you'll find it on the right upper side on your screen) Try this one for A1 level (beginners) about Recycling.
  4. Our little friend will select the Spanish text found on the website and read it out loud for you.
  5. Relax and learn

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