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False friends English-Spanish (I)

False friends are pairs of words in two languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning. 
They are like people you thought they were your real friends and when you needed them they weren't there for you. We don't like them!
When learning languages you have to go through this process as well, like in your real life. You have to be able to identify your real friends [cognates] from your false friends ;)
You don't want to make "embarrassing" ("embarazada" actually means "pregnant" in Spanish) comments... so, take a look to them from time to time and don't let them confuse you.

Check your answers

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4 comentarios:

  1. Buenísimo, Antonio. Gracias por la ayuda, muy útil.

  2. Muchas gracias a ti por pasar por aquí ;)

  3. Otra muy buena: constipado vs constipated. Saludos desde España

  4. jjajajaja, muy buena Xavier! La estoy incluyendo pero que ya! Saludos desde Vietnam.






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