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IB Profile: Open-Minded

This is another poster to use in class about the IB Profile in Spanish. This time we want to make our students reflect about being in someone's else shoes. We want them to really understand the difference and coexist with it. To be a global citizen, to be able to grasp the concept of International Awareness we need to know and show empathy and be open-minded. All these key concepts must be a part of an International Student.

This time, let me borrow an interesting activity from MMNahoum included in the collaborative document for IBLP as a possibility to work with our students in a language acquisition class. Perfect to learn different adjectives and work descriptions on our classes.


  1. Use Learner Profile Attributes to learn different adjectives and how these “work”. 
  2. Link LP attributes to a color and add other adjectives linked to this color (for example: red for communicator, talkative, lively, etc.) 
  3. Students write a description of themselves using the LP attributes using percentages (revision of numbers), for example : I am 25% open-minded, 5% risk-taker, etc 
  4. Students use a Tagxedo or Tagul to create a collage of who they are with the LP attributes.
Show off your skills, take the quiz below:

Check your answers ;)

A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open. 
 Frank Zappa

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