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ab Initio Resources: Comida y bebida

In these posts I am planning on compiling all resources I use/have for each topic, apart from my units. 

It is just a matter of organization, most of these resources are not even mine or produced by me but still, I do use them in my classes. Just looking to have everything in one place for easier access.

You are most welcome to look around and take what you need. System is as simple as always, divided by types of assessments and also activities and vocabulary. If you want to check what's on just click and you will be redirected to the pdf.


2 comentarios:

  1. Anónimo11/21/2018

    Muchissimas gracias Antonio! Nos hace la vida mucho mas facil poder encontrar tantos recursos como estos.
    Que tengas un dia lindo.

  2. Anónimo1/16/2023

    Hola Antonio, acabo de empezar a enseñar IB y tu página me ofrece una ayuda incalculable. Muchísimas gracias por compartir






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