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It happened in 2016 / Speaking activity: Cultural diversity in the Olympics

This activity has been designed for my Spanish students, therefore most of the responses will be in Spanish and focused in the IB exam format. But this activity applies to all languages classes, remember that visual stimuli are great ice breakers to start conversations, debates, discussions, etc in your class.

1.- Look at the image in this post and describe the scene [be as specific as you can, to the detail]
2.- Mention the topic this image is related to and justify it
3.- Give your personal point of view
4.- Develop your ideas and don't forget about supporting details 
5.- End with a personal reflection
Think about these three questions, they can help you develop your ideas:

- What's going on in this picture? 
¿Qué está pasando en esta imagen?
- What do you see that makes you say that? 
¿Qué ves que te hace pensar eso?
- Do you find any connection to your own culture? 
¿Ves alguna conexión con tu propia cultura?
Then, join the conversation by posting comments below and responding to the comments of others. Your teacher can give you personalized feedback replying to your comments below.

Context information for the image:
Doaa Elghobashy of Egypt and Kira Walkenhorst of Germany compete in the preliminary beach volleyball event at the Rio Olympics.
Image's source: 
Website: Reuters
Photographer: Lucy Nicholson
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Date: August 7, 2016.

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