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Cultura / España / Pablo Picasso

If you want to talk about Hispanic Culture in the twentieth century, Mr Picasso is a must.
He is one of the most important artists and change makers of the past century. He reinvented his world and gave it to us as a gift.
He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who went through crucial historic events and interpreted those for us making a difference in the art scene throughout the world.
Apart from his historic relevance, his life is full of surprising anecdotes and interesting facts that can engage our students in a fascinating trip on our past century.

The activity I propose here is an interactive timeline with important images and relevant information about each period of his life. In each stage you will find:
- related questions
- activities/projects/investigations for your students to research and find out more about this historic figure

More resources:
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in order that I may learn
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Pablo Picasso

1 comentarios:

  1. Buena información, He estado leyendo sobre la biografía de Picasso y es realmente sensacional toda la aportación que tiene hacia el arte.






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