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ab Initio Unit: Salud

There are a million resources out there created by engaged and super motivated teachers to help us out in our classes. Sometimes I love spending time creating my own resources, to me it's the easiest and most convenient for my own classes as I can individualize and personalize my resources for my students, but also, we all have to admit that we don't have the necessary time to create or review all of our resources. Precisely then is when I use external resources, but remember if you want to make it right, make sure you cite/mention the original source of the activity or resource you are using.
This topic, Health, appears in all of the IB courses, ab Initio and Standard Level and HL.
Regarding the IB Profile and connections with this unit, we can clearly make a connection with the attribute balanced. In order to be healthy we have to be balanced, for instance with our diet. Nutrition and diet units are perfect to be taught within this topic.

Through Quizlet you can learn all vocabulary you need for this unit. Give it a try and remember that you can use it as flashcards, match, games (gravity), learn, etc. just clicking on the right corner at the bottom. 

On this online presentation you can find instructions and activities to teach/learn this unit:


One more visual activity to review common mistakes and reflective verbs with vocabulary related to Health:
If you need to review the body parts for this unit, click here.

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The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas. George Santayana

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