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Sound like a native

Yes, it's have been proven that interaction is essential for learning foreign languages. 
Yes, if your teacher is a native speaker can be your best option for interacting.
But, what happens when your teacher is not there or is not a native speaker?
You might want to use other tools like this one below to keep improving on your pronunciation (also calls phonetics for some people)

One of the main points of this site is that you have available a native speaker 24 hours a day just for you and it also comes with pictures and explanations (in Spanish) to help you out with tongue's position.

It can look too technical but it really comes in handy to grasp difficult sounds.

One of the best things is that this great tool is at no charge, thanks to Iowa University.

Just as an informal practice or for a formative activity you can try something like this:
- choose a sound you are having difficulties with [ll, y, ñ...]
- practice that sound for an evening using this tool, choose 4 words to practice
- present 4 words containing that sound to your classmates and then to your teacher (ask him/her for feedback)

Remember, practice makes perfect!


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