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QuizUp: Learning while having fun

One of my very best students (Thanks Valentina;) told me a few days ago that there is available a great new App for learning Spanish [is not new, they just included Spanish] QuizUp.

It's a Trivia game but with some interesting features:

1. If you are fluent in English or a native speaker and want to learn some Spanish playing Trivia is a perfect fit.
2. If nor English neither Spanish are your native languages but you are learning them this App is great because it provides interesting categories like grammar, finish the sayings, Thesaurus... all in English and up to 457 topics.
3. You can sign up or connect QuizUp to your facebook and play with your friends, challenge them or just take a sneak peek to their rankings...
4. Using this App for learning some Spanish you might get impress by the amount and the variety of people speaking or learning Spanish in the world. [just playing with random players in 5 minutes I got people from Turkey, US, Rumania and Germany]
5. If you don't want to be find out by your friends you can also use it on Privacy Mode [Go to settings]

If you want to learn some Spanish through QuizUp, first select Educational and then Spanish, as simple as that!

Click here to get it from Google Play

Remember this: "If you like something it becomes easier"

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