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Describing people creatively in Spanish: Este soy yo

This is another activity to keep building vocabulary and fluency on our students with descriptions (A or Emergent Communicators). This image was built with tagul  which is an incredible tool to develop their creativity at the same time they learn some Spanish. 
How do we do this?
1.- Write down a 20 words list that describes you (in Spanish...) [I scaffold my students with Power Points, class practice, modeling keywords, collaborative work...]
2.- Your teacher checks the list and gives you feedback
3.- You make changes (if needed)
4.- Log in (or sign up) to your Tagul
5.- Copy and paste your list
6.- Customize the shape
7.- Do not forget to include your name (Red color + big size)
8.- Print it and use it ;)

The follow-ups for this activity are infinite but one that I really do love is to start the class asking random students [I pull sticks with their names] ¿Cómo eres? ¿Cómo te sientes? It is a great activity to review Ser & Estar and self-description at the same time.

Challenge yourself a bit taking this little quiz about describing people:

Check your answers here ;)

Resources for learning descriptions in Spanish:

As a facilitator don't forget the importance of revisiting your strategies. It is also a great tool to give your students feedback in real time.

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