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An acronym to learn noun gender: LONERS

I know simplification can be a problem if we don't understand what it is and everything it comes with it... but if we truly understand that simplification doesn't mean we are going to live in a perfect world and we still have to face trouble because of the exceptions... can be a great tool to work with and can be very beneficial for our students.
This poster strives to be a colorful resource to remember our acronym: LONERS for masculine nouns in Spanish and also provides examples for each ending. 
Matching colors are a great strategy for visual learners to remember things. 

Try yourself out with this activity below to see if you internalize this concept:

Let's recap:

If a word ends in l,o,n,e,r,s it's almost always going to be a masculine word in Spanish.
Remember: in language there are no rules without exceptions ;)

If this works for you don't hesitate to use it, share it or print it out;)

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