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Quick tips: talking about weather in Spanish

I found this posters to be really useful in my classes. I started created them to save time and it is really working. The posters are based on common mistakes from my students and just general common mistakes of Spanish language learners, sound like proper feedback ;)
They really come in handy when a student makes a mistake and you don't want to stop your class, or the mistake is made by the majority of the class, I just upload a poster with a brief explanation and a couple of examples to their Edmodo for them to check after class. It is a simple way of providing feedback to your students, incorporating technologies in you class and time-management skills.

I like to keep the structure simple using the green color for correct examples and yellow for those that need attention.

A good related resource I usually use to help my students internalize this (sometimes is difficult.... huh?) is the song from Los Rodríguez Hace calor

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