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Spanish B Unit: El facebook de mi abuela

Unit titles must be engaging to gather students attention and awake their curiosity. I asked my students to think of a title for this unit and they came up with this super engaging title "El Facebook de mi abuela" which summarize perfectly what this unit contains.
Although the IB states the possibility of just choosing two options by the teacher we always see all of them. To me it just makes sense, the more you offer your students the more opportunities they will have to do better in their exam. There is no need of doing a super long unit on each topic. When it comes to this you can do mini-units or "express units" comprising vocabulary, main concepts and ideas and give them a sense of what is that option about.

For a full understanding of how to teach this unit, please read the unit planner and if you still have any question/doubt don't hesitate to reach out. If you develop any other materials for this particular unit, please share them so we can add them to the list below.

All you need to teach/learn this unit: 
  • Essential questions [pdf]
  • Vocabulary [pdf] [Quizlet]
  • Unit Planner [pdf]
  • Visual stimuli [images] [Interactive Oral]
  • Activation of prior knowledge [pdf]
  • Activity to work the subjunctive [.doc] [Antonio Gallardo]
  • Skill: compare [pdf]
  • Writing [pdf] [Paper 2]
  • Article: Inventions del nuevo milenio [pdf] [Paper 1]
  • Interactive activity [Edpuzzle]
  • Making predictions [pdf]
  • Presentation to compare evolution of different items [pdf] [made by students]
  • How am I going to be assessed? [pdf]
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  1. Genial. Muchas gracias por compartir. Si tengo la posibilidad de usar alguna parte, me aseguro de complementar y mandarte. GRACIAS OTRA VEZ!!!

  2. Hola María! Gracias a ti por pasarte por aquí y por ayudar. Que toda ayuda siempre es poca ;)

  3. Anónimo9/05/2016

    Debo decir que me quito el sombrero una vez más, todo lo que haces es fantástico. ¡Muchísimas gracias por compartir!

  4. Gracias a ti por la visita, Burbujaw ;)






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