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¿Qué hora es?

Telling the time in Spanish is just one more thing we need to teach, no matter which curriculum you are following, at early stages.
After several years bringing in materials to class and checking them with my students I've put together this post compiling everything you need for these classes.
One thing I've learnt over the years is that the more times you re-visit something the easier for your students to internalize the content. Telling the time is one of those things you can find everywhere, and so, it should be something you re-visit every single class. Also, you can review it integrating the time into different activities.
For instance, to check understanding on my students we do an activity call Tuitea tu clase, I usually do it once a week in my class and is perfect to combine it with reviewing the time in Spanish, give it a try and let me know how it goes.
This presentation you find below has explanations, videos and activities to check if your students have learnt the time in Spanish, and at the end even give your total score in percentage, so I tell my students to do it individually and use it as a class grade. Easy, simple and effective ;)

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