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ab Initio Internal Assessment: Educación

I am working on getting these activities on paper [just for schools] as a part of a personal social project I want to start as well, but in the meantime I am just putting everything together here. Enjoy!

1.- Observe the image
2.- Answer the questions in the space provided
3.- At the end of the presentation click on "exportar el texto", a .doc file will download to your computer with the questions and your answers
4.- Turn it in to your teacher
5.- Read his feedback carefully
6.- Come up with an action plan to improve and set a specific goal and time to review your progress
7.- Review your progress

Please, if you find a minute, give me some feedback in the comments. It is really useful.

Sharing education, 
sharing a book...
that's what changes the world
Brad Meltzer

2 comentarios:

  1. AL, I find all your resources extremely useful and handy, thanks. Although i have not had a chance to try out this activity yet, I think it is nicely structured and allows students to think of and write answers they may use in their final speaking exam. I would probably add a thinking routine like See-Think-Wonder or Think- Pair -share in with it as an introduction with another picture, just to get the students warmed up and in the right frame of mind. A very useful oral exam preperation activity, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Niels!
    You are a rock star! Thank you for sharing the idea! I also love Visual Thinking, I just incorporated the thinking routine See-Think-Wonder to the activity.
    Sharing is what will change the world!
    Thanks again and keep in touch.






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