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ab Initio Unit: Entretenimiento

This topic is frequently related to the Individual Oral piece because is something real easy to bring up into a conversation. That's why I emphasize this skill when I teach this unit and my summative assessment is always on Individual Oral at least. 
It is also very common to see paper 1 activities on Leisure, Sports, Tourism, Vacation, etc which are very easy to connect to this.
That's why on this unit we are going to focus mainly on these two aspects of the Spanish ab Initio course.
You can find three reading comprehension activities below in Resources and one oral activity based on questions and answers in pairs and one more using a visual stimulus on Entertainment.

Before jumping into the activities it is highly recommended you study your vocabulary using the Quizlet provided below. You can start doing flashcards and as you learn more you can change the settings to play games with this vocabulary.

At the end of the post there are some images that can be used as visual prompts to start conversations in class related to our topic or used for oral activities

This Quizlet is set up as flashcards but remember that you can change it in the right-bottom corner using "Elige un modo de estudio".

Use this presentation to walk your students through the unit [I project it on the board]. We also use it to answer the questions related to vocabulary and export the text at the end of it, then my students submit it to a GDrive folder we have for our class. Doing this we are saving some paper and helping out a bit with being more environmentally friendly.

These are some images you can use to teach vocabulary visually, start conversations, debates in class, etc:
1.- Founded on the Internet
2.- Founded on es-tema.de
3.- Created with WordArt: Questions related to Entertainment 

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