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ab Initio Unit: Vacaciones

This is a perfect unit to work on your Individual Oral and your Paper 2. Precisely, a diary and a postcard are two text types that are naturally connected to this topic.

Holidays are linked to joy, entertainment, family, friends, geography, transports, etc. 
Don't miss out on the opportunity of making connections to your other units.

It is also a good chance to work on past and future tenses or to talk about your dreamed vacation and use the conditional.

Actividades en línea

Expresar deseo

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2 comentarios:

  1. Yo otra vez (ya, soy un poco pesada) ¿cómo puedo bajarme la slide sobre las vacaciones? Está genial :)

  2. Hola Exi! Perdona por tardar tanto en responder, la vida no me da!
    Pasame tu correo electrónico por email contact@antonioluna.org y te la paso ;)





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