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ab Initio Unit: El tiempo atmósferico

The weather fits into many categories, but being in ab Initio it ties to oral skills as it is a common question that may come up during the oral exam. It also connects naturally to environment, climate change, global warming, etc.

This is a express-unit, it must be something quick in your class, nothing you spend too much time on. You can always go back during another lesson and re-practice, re-teach a particular aspect if you identify that need in your class.

The unit is based in interaction, first students are exposed to some important vocabulary, after that comes a presentation with key questions that may arise in a conversation and provides students with opportunities to practice those communicative situations. The unit ends with a video on weather in Spanish. The assessment I do in this unit is an interactive conversation about weather related to environmental problems, geography (what's the weather like in ... ?), time (seasons), cities, etc.

Please, note that the Audio Recorder just works in Mozilla Firefox ;)
You can download it here.

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2 comentarios:

  1. Hola!

    Yo no puedo descargar o acceder el pdf documento que dice "¿Qué tiempo va a hacer mañana? en la sección de More resources. Por favor ayudame.

  2. Anónimo4/18/2020

    Hola, tampoco puedo acceder a el documento: Que tiempo va a hacer mañana?. Nos puedes ayudar con esto?. Muchas gracias.






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