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Brief Unit Planner: a visual approach to curriculum mapping

This is one of my Units for my Spanish B SL Course. I am a visual learner that's why I try my best to put all my documents in a way I can see everything at a glance.
As plain as I can. The simple, the better. This ideas can help us out a lot.
One of the main objectives is to have a full unit in just one page. 
If you do Curriculum mapping [and if you don't you should consider it, be a thinker]it's really convenient to synthesize your planning and your ideas to be able to analyze all important information without extra effort. Time is money ;)
One of the best things is to compare your reflections from one year to another. You'll be able to grasp if your classes are evolving or not, the progress you are making as a professional and the direction your teaching is taking.

Remember: to stay positive will help you perform better (around 40% better than average)

This template is based on some similar ones found on Mr. Pak Liam's blog. Take a minute to visit his blog, it's amazing how many things this gentleman get accomplished within just a school year!

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