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Learn Spanish with songs: Somos distintos, somos iguales

This is one of the hits in my class. This tune usually makes my students crazy. I, actually, start my Spanish I classes with this song because the results are incredible.
I rewrote this song (mostly of it, I believe) but the music remains as the original, which is really a sticky song. It is one of these melodies it get stuck in your head. 
I use it for talking about multiculturalism/interculturalism in my class. The topic is we are different but at the same time there is a lot of similarities among us.
Another important topic you can work on is rhymes (very simple ones) and get your students to know the basics of it and start recognizing these sounds in Spanish.
Talking specifically about language, the worksheet in the back is centered in:

  • Descriptive phrases
  • Nationalities 
  • Continents
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Conjugation of an irregular verb: PODER
       Which is perfect for a beginners course.

We always work Reading Comprehension with the songs too. So, this is always the first question of the worksheets: What is the main idea of the song?
In this specific song we work a specific irregular Spanish verb which is very important for our students first steps in Spanish: PODER (to can).

The last interest thing I want to highlight from this song is that gives you the opportunity to talk about cultural differences through a specific topic: continents.
Almost every time I have had this talk with my students they are really surprised about this difference, and it's really interesting for their critical-thinking skills to see how they get to know such differences based just on culture and how both interpretations are justified.
You always get interesting debates and discussions when you bring up this topic to your class.

Somos Distintosomosigualessong by Antonio Luna

Did you like this song? Get more in my scribd

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”
Yip Harburg

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