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Acquiring vocabulary through opposites [Antonymy]

The way our brain works is through connecting ideas, concepts. Everything we storage in our minds is connected, categorized, related to some other knowledge. That's why is really important not to present the vocabulary to our students standing alone, disconnected or out of context. The natural way we learn is by the context, so we want to apply that to our language classes. The factors implied in the acquisition of vocabulary in a language are multiple, so, again, the more we bring to the table in the same activity the better for our students to learn that key vocabulary.
In this case, this image helps understand the vocabulary through visuals, antonymy and context.
This image is a piece of a unit about Daily routines, which includes reflective verbs. Through different colors and pictures illustrating the actions we try to make the acquisition of this difficult concept easier for our students.
The last thing I have incorporated into the visual is the concept of opposites, which is one more connection reinforcing the learning of the concepts.

Check out more resources for Daily Routines in Spanish that I've compiled in this folder in my Google Drive.

Don't limit a child to your own learning, 
for he was born in another time.
Rabindranath Tagore

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