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Type of texts: La postal

A straight definition easy to internalize could be: a postcard is a small letter. A brief (because we don't have space) letter we send to someone.
The main idea we need to keep in mind all the time when writing a postcard is optimizing the space we have.
Usually we send postcards (or sent?) when we travel somewhere and we want somebody we know to experience some of our adventures.
To write the date is optional, some people do it, others don't, but if you write the date make sure you comply with the main feature of postcards: optimize the space and you don't have much! so, write the date in numbers, but remember that in Spanish we follow the format: Day/Month/Year. 
Find below some important features to keep in mind when writing your postcard:

  • informal language [tú,vosotros]
  • greeting and farewell [also informal]: Hola gente! / Hola a todos!
  • Short message / straight ideas / sentences: usually mention something about your trip, some food you had...

Remember that to know the type of text you are writing and the main features is essential to score highly in your paper 2, and that is going to be a 25% of your final score. 

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2 comentarios:

  1. Confirmo lo del pescaito fritoo de tu postal. ¡¡QUé bueno!!!

    Saludos desde Estepona

  2. jajajaja, Lourdes, este verano nos tenemos que conocer con un "pescaito frito" o unos "espetos"

    Saludos desde Bombay






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