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Text types: Mensaje / Nota

A message / sticky note is a brief communication.
The main idea here is being brief, to the point, no unnecessary words to make it more beautiful are needed.
It is a short message/note we write to a person that usually is not with us to tell her/him/them something, ask a favor or in some cases both.

Find below some important features to keep in mind when writing your postcard:

  • Greeting (if needed): you usually introduce yourself
  • brief explanation on your absence (what happened, where are you, where have you gone, when are you coming back...)
  • the idea or favor you are asking from that person
  • farewell

Remember that to know the type of text you are writing and the main features is essential to score highly in your paper 2, and that is going to be a 25% of your final score.

It does not matter how slowly you go
as long as you do not stop

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